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Our prices will vary depending on how you decide to work with us.
* * *3 different ways to buy: Private, Specials, Insurance or Network purchase.* * *
Be aware that we don't list specific prices, because these may change. We could have a special running, or pricing may not apply if you have a benefit through your health insurance plan. Some insurance plans offer a discount benefit with TruHearing, and we work with them too. However, Insurance benefits can not be used with any other specials or discounts. We check benefits with every evaluation, and want to make sure that if you are paying for benefits, or discounts, that you utilize them! Send me your name, date of birth and a copy of your insurance card for a benefit check.

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Manufacturers: Testimonials

Widex Moment hearing aids are our latest and greatest make in the business, at least in our opinions. However, it's not up to us what will work best for you. You make that decision. With 4 tiers of this product to choose from, one component of these aids that really stands out is the Widex Zen program. This Tinnitus Management App contains Zen Sounds that provide a relaxing sound background for those who suffer from tinnitus. Again, we have a wide range of pricing, but it's best to check health insurance benefits first. Questions? Don't hesitate to call at 320-321-1551.



We have a wide price range to show for all different products and levels of technology. With 5 tiers, its powerful sound performance improves hearing in noisy environments and makes even the softest-spoken people easier to understand. Question? Call us for more information today 320-321-1551.


Starkey aids.PNG

Starkey corners the market with the unique aspect of artificial intelligence (AI) built into their hearing aids. The new Starkey Muse AI's might just knock your socks off with how amazing they are. These aids even have fall detection, so if your loved one falls and it takes too long to get back up, emergency contacts will be reached. Questions? 320-321-1551


Signia pic.PNG

Signia's latest products are the Silk and Styletto. Try these bad boys out and you might just fall in love with their sleek, comfortable fits. The new Silk Nx delivers a natural hearing experience with discreet size, instant fit, and exceptional sound quality. The Styletto's also offer a unique feature set–including wireless rechargeability, motion sensors, Bluetooth connectivity and an on-board assistant–make them an attractive option. Questions? Call on us at 320-321-1551.


phonak life is on.png

The Phonak Marvel series, is exactly that, a marvel. The features included with this are clear sound, quality streaming from you TV with the connector, Bluetooth capabilities, rechargeability, smart apps, and connect to smartphones. There is 4 levels of technology. Questions? Give us a call at 320-321-1551.



Services only.


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