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New Year, New You 2020

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Hearing loss can be tormenting. Admitting there is a problem is the first step. We want to help. 
One lucky member of the community has the chance to win a set of top of the line hearing aids, or aid, as needed. 

All you must do is:

1. Download, print and or pick up a submission form online or at the office. If you call we can send one out.

2. Return via mail, email or fax.

3. Repeat for every friend, family member or loved one who has a need.

**A test will need to be performed to prove there is a need for hearing aids. If you have an audiogram, you can include it with the form.

We will be holding the drawing on January 31st, end of day.

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Clip of NYNY 2020 Flier 1.2.20.png