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Easy at Home Hearing Aid Fix - Change Unitron CeruStops

March 19, 2020

Easy at home, #HowTo videos on how to change WaxGuards, CeruStops, or CeruSheilds for different hearing aid brands. This is one of the top reasons a patient visits the office. If a waxguard is plugged, it can seem like the hearing aid isn't working. A simple change is sometimes all that is needed to remedy the issue. So, in an effort to try and save you a trip to the office during this time, and to practice social distancing, we have posted them to YouTube, and will share them here and on our website. If this doesn't help performance of aids, contact your local hearing care provider. Thank you!

Change Wax-guards for Custom Hearing Aids/cShells - Easy at Home Fix

November 11, 2020

This video shows how to clean a custom (Full-shell/Half-Shell) hearing aid or custom receiver (aka cShell). If it seems like your hearing aid isn’t working, these are a couple ways to clean you aid and help with its performance. If cleaning and changing these two areas doesn’t help, please, bring it to your local hearing providers office.

Easy at Home Hearing Aid Fix - Change TruHearing Waxguards

March 19, 2020

#HowTo change a wax guard on a TruHearing product.

Easy at Home Hearing Aid Fix - Change Starkey Waxguards

March 19, 2020

How to change a Starkey waxguard.

If you have other ideas of tutorials you would like us to make, let us know and we shall see what we can do.

Easy at Home Hearing Aid Fix - Change Widex Waxguards

March 19, 2020

How to change a Widex waxguard.

Easy at Home Hearing Aid Fix - Change Unitron/Phonak CeruSheild

March 19, 2020

How to change a Unitron/Phone cerusheild. These would be used more on the newer products or rechargeables.

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Hearing Related Links

Below we will include links to information you can use to educate yourself on better hearing habits.

What to Know When You Buy Hearing Aids

5 Differences between OTC & Prescriptive Hearing Devices

***At this time some hearing providers aren't sure they will provide care to those who buy OTC hearing aids. Those who purchase over-the-counter are opting to manage their health on their own. With OTC aids, they are self-fit with no assistance or support from a licensed hearing professional.  If providers do work with OTC aids, it would be limited to certain manufacturers and would come at the cost of a service plan, or something along those lines. Each provider would have to decide for themselves what they are willing to work with.

Deceptive OTC Hearing Aid Bill

Are Bone Conduction headphones Safe?,hearing%20loss%20if%20used%20improperly.

Headphones & Hearing Loss.

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