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Fundraiser for Steve Grages Family

To show our support for the loss of Steve Grages, a young local community member and supporter, we encourage you to give in support of his boys & family. Thank you to those who do.


Hearing Care Cancer Fighters 2023 Fundraiser

This year we joined in the American Cancer Society and worked with Relay for Life to help fundraise. Our team raised about $300 this year. Next year we hope to encourage more people to participate and volunteer, as we do every year. Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.


Revive RFL 3k/5k Run/Walk/Bike 2022

Raising funds for the American Cancer Society, and working towards making the world a healthier and happier place.


Relay for Life Walk 2022

We got to join the Chippewa and Yellow Medicine County teams during the annual fundraising ceremony. Participation was lower that in past years, but we are hoping it will go back up next year. Overall, the event was still a success! Perfect day to be outside.


Donate, Decorate and Dedicate

We are helping to raise money for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. Help us with a donation, or purchase a luminary, decorate/dedicate it  and you will receive a gift bag. We will use them during the RFL walk in August 2022 from 5p-11p in Smith Park, Montevideo. ($5 per luminary)


Autism Speaks Walk 2021

Raising money and awareness for those with autism and their caregivers and family. Autism speaks provides services for those affected and that find themselves in need of assistance. Help someone in need.

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